We personalize the sale

Personalizing the sale means that we deal with people, with names and surnames. We try to empathize with the parties, visualizing their economic and personal interests. We believe in Ethics as a work...

small improvements

If the property needs small improvements to contribute to its image, we offer to lead the supervision prior to the start of the...

How we work

We specialize in real estate acquisitions and advise the seller client throughout the sale process. In the first visit we familiarize ourselves with the property and its owners, listen to their needs and explain our way of working. We carry out a real estate appraisal, agree on the starting price and request all the necessary documentation prior to publication.We request all the necessary documentation...

Why a Personal Real Estate Assistant

Because we consider it healthy to recover humane treatment; serve people by dedicating time to them . Time that allows us to listen and realize, among other things, that for our seller client, the purchase of his home was the beginning of a life project, and the sale, the completion of a stage. An illusion to buy and a break to sell. And until that moment arrives, although a good book always helps to...

We focus the sale

Through the figure of the Personal Real Estate Assistant is how we better focus the sale. The Personal Assistant pays attention and dedication to the sale as if it were his own home. He gives his priority to a property and this encourages him to persevere in the set objective of trying to sell, forcing himself to be efficient, control opportunities well and avoid dispersion. Focusing on an objective and...

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